Celara Dentures.

Our dental office utilizes a revolutionary new denture system when fitting you for your new dentures, the Celara Denture System.  By using the Celara Denture System, your new denture will fit and look better, and you’ll have fewer appointments and adjustments.  When making your denture, the Celara Denture System utilizes your existing dentures as a reference point.  This enables you and your dental professional to keep the attributes you want from your existing denture while effectively communicating any changes that need to be incorporated into your new set of dentures.

On the first visit, your dentist will make an impression of your mouth using your existing denture as a reference.  This is the most predictable way to achieve an accurate impression.  On the same visit or a subsequent visit, your dentist will review all the fundamental aspects of your denture, mouth and smile and make any necessary changes to your new denture using a wax pattern.  The final result will be a new denture that incorporates all the positive aspects of your old denture along with any changes that are needed.