Here at Paint Creek Dentistry we are proud to use the state-of-the-art Celara Denture System when fitting you for new dentures. Using Celara, our dentist and team can ensure that your new denture fits your mouth perfectly and gives you back your smile. To learn more about Celara dentures in Rochester, Michigan, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Michelle Maltese, call us today at 248-652-3663!

If you are replacing dentures, our dentist may recommend using the Celara Denture System to ensure the best possible result for your new appliance. The Celara System uses your existing dentures as a reference point, allowing you to change the design in any way that is needed while also maintaining the best parts of your dentures. By using the Celara Denture System, our dentist can ensure that your new denture will fit better and look better and that you will have fewer appointments and adjustments while your new denture is created.

At your first visit, our dentist will take an impression of your mouth using your existing denture as a reference. This is among the most predictable and easiest ways to create an accurate impression. At that same visit or the subsequent visit, we will review all the fundamental aspects of your denture, mouth and smile with you and make any changes to your new denture using a wax pattern. The final result will be a new denture that fits your mouth perfectly!

Contact us today for more information about Celara dentures and schedule your consultation!